Speaking of Stupidity …. Pussy Riot Update

I already wrote about Pussy Riot, Lest We Forget:  Russia Extends Jailing of Punk Band Activists

What’s the problem in Russia? Well apparently three feminist punk rock singers  from a band called  Pussy Riot— were arrested in March 2012 after staging a political protest against Vladimir Putin. In a nut shell, they are being accused of aiming to destroy 1000′s of years of orthodox church tradition. No, not threatening – are destroying it.

The stupidity marches on. Care2 has a petition up about the plight of these peaceful protesters.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich, could face seven years in prison for chanting “Mother Mary, drive Putin away” at Christ the Savior Cathedral. Amnesty International has stated that the women are to be considered prisoners of conscience for their peaceful protest and the draconian punishment they now face.

Five months after they were thrown in prison, the women are receiving their first trial. Though two of the women are mothers to small children, the women’s detention was recently extended for an additional six months.

The muddy relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and government has created serious conflict in the trial of these three women.


I think it’s worthwhile to take 2 minutes out of our privileged lives and sign this petition and stand up in solidarity for these young women whose “crime” was peaceful, creative, political protest against the Russian government, but is also being turned into some bullshit crime against the Russian Orthodox church.

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