67 responses to “Post-It Poems: Falling Star

  1. Some years after my father died, my mother talked about the loss. She said that it wasn’t so much in the first few weeks after dad died that she missed him. The memories of his face and his hands were still fresh then, you see. A shirt he’d taken off still smelled of him, and tasks he left unfinished still cluttered his desk.

    It was later, as the days piled into weeks and the weeks into years, when her bones began to realize that they never would feel him again this side of the grave that the loss became hardest to bear.

    I realized that the most tragic part of a vital man dying young isn’t the lost man’s life, but the burden of the loss to vital man’s woman and his little children.

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  4. Beautiful! Love it! Don’t love that some people feel the need to criticize another writers work though…yes, silence can be a good thing, but in the context of your poem you intended it to portray sadness of loss. I get it :)

  5. I am a fan of pen and paper poetry. I believe it holds that certain kind of nostalgia that only poets infuse into words so that they might live on into infinite vastness……awaiting a pair of hands to discover it’s lovely vestige, lingering in a place of the past where age was once the hero.
    Thank you for sharing such a golden piece of yourself. I appreciate dearly.

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  7. Great idea, I wish I was still teaching, it would be fantastic way to start each lesson with the students! I love your poem too, thank you for sharing it.

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