An Introduction of Sorts and How To Navigate This Blog

…mysterium tremendum, terribile et fascinans …

I dream in color. I write poems. I write other stuff. I take photos, often in black and white. I read. I social work. I advocate. I am learning curve-aceous. I am abstracted. I am feminist.
I have intense respect for the human spirit and our ability to change, grow, find wings and fly. I believe the greatest human qualities are authenticity and kindness. This is not an oxymoron.


For those of you who have known me long time,  you’ll remember I decided some time ago to move my VOX blog, WrongSide, over to the Word Press Platform.  It was a smooth transition and I was getting into the flow of writing here. AND THEN … In the interests of my professional writing, it was suggested to me that I no longer blog on the multiplicity of topics which interest me. I closed the WrongSide door and have complied with that suggestion for over a year (sort of), have blogged my other interests under an alias on different blogging platforms only to now, find myself feeling fragmented, dispersed …  stretched awfully thin.

Enough I say. Enough.

I have two blogs currently at Word Press, this one, WrongSide, and my family estrangement blog, E-Stranged. I will be integrating all my non-estrangement writing over to this blog.

You may only be interested in one topic I think about or write about … and that is totally cool. I want to make it easy on us all so …on the right hand side of the page is a handy drop down CATEGORIES menu so you can select what you actually want to look at or read. Want my poetry, click the poetry tab. Want a spot of photography, click the photography tab. Interested in Paleo or primal eating, click the foodie tab. Want my longer writing/articles, click blog posts and read. I may even try to sort these into some sub categories, again to make it easier for people to read what they are interested in. Or maybe you’re a lot like me, multifaceted, interested in lots of things, and you just want to drift through and have a look at everything. It’s all up to you.

Please be aware all written content is my own – feel free to re-post, but I’d love it if you linked back to here.  Images used in my posts are sometimes not mine (unless they are in the photography category, where they will definitely be mine). I am an avid collector of images, and will always endeavor to link the image name and creator on the actual picture. If I have used an image, I am a fan and supporter of the work and creator and I heartily encourage you to look them up!

I’m happy to be back here and do hope you will  make yourself at home.

~ Fiona

12 responses to “An Introduction of Sorts and How To Navigate This Blog

  1. I thought I recognized your name! Cool to see a fellow Voxer still plugging away. Also a lover of no-niche blogging goodness. I shall follow….

  2. definitely interested. your first line, i dream in color, caught my attention because as do i. and interestingly enough, i dont meet too many people that do. so ill stay tuned for more. happy writing. xoxo

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